Teen Mothers

Since its creation, Mustard Seed Communities (MSC) has focused primarily on the well-being of the young and particularly of those who are unable to care for themselves – the ill, the disabled and the abandoned. As the presence of MSC has grown, our mission has expanded to continue to meet the needs of the most vulnerable. The Mary’s Child program was created in 1992 to provide a secure and healthy environment for abandoned teenagers who were pregnant.

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Residents of the homes must be first time teenage mothers and are usually referred to the institution by social workers, the police, schools or health authorities. Each mother is presented with educational opportunities as well as life enabling skills that prepare them for motherhood and provides them with a means of employability once they leave the home.

Recognizing the importance of providing access to computer courses, a new lab was built at Mary’s Child in Kingston, Jamaica. MSC has opened this opportunity to not only staff and residents of Mary’s Child, but to the people of the community as well.