People with Disabilities

In 1978, Mustard Seed Communities was established primarily to provide residential care and treatment for abandoned children with varying degrees of disabilities, primarily because they are among the most vulnerable and defenseless in any society.

Children_with_Disabilities_3Children with disabilities are routinely abandoned in the countries where Mustard Seed Communities operates.

The children of MSC have disabilities that include cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, epilepsy, blindness, developmental delays, scoliosis, microcephaly, and progeria. Our objective is to provide these children with a safe and healthy place to live, where they have care and therapy. MSC’s purpose is to advance the moral, mental and physical wellbeing of children with disabilities.

Children_with_Disabilities_1Therapy is a key component in caring for children with disabilities

All the children with physical disabilities are assessed individually and then a personal care plan with specific goals for each resident is devised. A minimum of one half hour each day is spent in direct one-on-one contact with each resident. The rest of their time is spent on more passive activities such as correct positioning that does not require constant supervision. Activities in the therapy department include Passive Range of Motion, Active Assisted Range of Motion and Active Range of Motion Exercises, stretching, massages, self-feeding, tactile stimulation, positioning, vestibular stimulation, assisted ambulation, cognitive therapy, coordination and multisensory stimulation.

Adults_Disabilities3MSC strives to ensure that no person is ever abandoned twice

In Jamaica, there are no facilities – governmental or otherwise – available to take care of individuals with mental and physical disabilities after the age of 18. The vision for Jacob’s Ladder is to fill this void by providing 500 adults with mental and physical disabilities, with a home where they can live out their lives in a safe and nurturing environment. The aim is to provide a place where they can learn skills that can be applied directly into their daily lives.