Sustainable_Agriculture_FeedingThe primary goals of our farming initiatives are to serve the nutritional needs of our residents and reduce our food costs.

This initiative to feed ourselves is currently being implemented in MSC. Our programs in Jamaica are an important driving force for this vision, though every apostolate has been tasked with utilizing green space for farming projects including our urban homes. The farm at Jerusalem! currently has two fish ponds, 2000 chickens for egg production, a vegetable garden, and a small flock of sheep.

Jacob’s Ladder is where this vision comes alive. Incredible strides have been made at that property in Moneague where we care for over 70 adult residents with disabilities. At Jacob’s Ladder, we raise several different types of animals for high-protein food sources including pigs, rabbits, sheep and cattle. In four thriving greenhouses, we are growing tomatoes and peppers. We are currently farming 10 acres of field crops including sweet potato, cabbage, sorrel, and Irish potato. Breadfruit and other fruit-bearing trees have been planted to serve as a lasting source of nourishment.

Finally, our staff is currently building the infrastructure for “aquaponics,” a food production system that harmonizes fish farming and hydroponic plant cultivation.