Dare To Care Schools Programme



A Development Education Programme for Transition Year Students







What’s It All About?

For the past number of years Mustard Seed Ireland’s ‘Children for Children’ Volunteer Programme saw more than 200 Irish TY student volunteers fundraise and travel to Mustard Seed Jamaica, to witness first-hand the good work of Mustard Seed.

Since the onset of the pandemic all our international programmes have come to a sudden halt, with devastating effects for the charity.

Over the years our youth volunteers have become such an integral part of what we do.  We want to continue to work with them to raise awareness and to be the voices for Mustard Seed in Ireland.

Dare To Care: How Does it Work?

Mustard Seed Ireland is coming back to your classrooms and we are excited to roll out ‘Dare to Care’, a Global Citizenship Programme to schools across the country. Through a series of workshops students get the opportunity to explore Global Citizenship with a focus on Social Justice & Equality, Identity & Diversity and Sustainability.

The programme looks closely at the concept and importance of Sustainable Development and uses the Mustard Seed Communities we serve around the world, as real-life examples of Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship in action. Throughout the programme students come to appreciate their position as Global Citizens and learn how to use their voice to effect change, to create the kind of world that they would like to live in.

Programme Delivery

Mustard Seed provides schools with a full suite of Development Education Resources to make the programme engaging and fun including; presentations, video content, lesson plans, together with training and support for delivery of the programme. Workshops (x 7 modules) can be delivered weekly, or as a two-day workshop, depending on participating school’s preference and timetable.


Advocacy & Fundraising

Advocacy and action projects are a key part of this programme.  We ask all participants to ‘walk the talk’.  This involves being a voice for Mustard Seed, taking part in ‘Marathons for Mustard Seed’ and fundraising, no matter how little, to make a difference!


Marathons For Mustard Seed

#M4MSC sees participants complete a marathon’ 42 kms (or any distance or challenge!) by running, walking, swimming, scooting, hopping and raising €200 in sponsorship. Making time to help others is an invaluable experience.  Volunteering benefit those we serve and adds meaning to our lives.  Students learn that no matter how small their contribution, by working together, everyone can make a real difference! Just like the little mustard seed, when planted, can grow into a huge oak tree!


There is no cost to the school for the delivery of this programme.


For more information please contact:

Dervilla Gannon – General Manager
dervillagannon@mustardseedireland.ie or 087 6150195