The 'Little Angels' Project

All donations from the MSC 2017 Cycle Challenge went towards the building of a school extension at the ‘Little Angels’ project in Zimbabwe and covering its operating costs.

Little Angels School

In 2015, MSC Zimbabwe purchased 5 acres of land adjacent to the current property in Woodville. Plans for the land included building a new school for children ages 3 to 5 years. Mustard Seed Little Angels is a grade zero feeder school (preschool) that accommodates children in the community who cannot afford to pay for this.
Funding Required
There is no charge for the children to attend, however, parents and guardians are asked to volunteer at the school and provide whatever they are able to. In addition to providing education, the Little Angels School provides breakfast and lunch for the children who attend.

The existing school, Little Angels, can no longer accommodate the numbers of children from the local community who rely on Mustard Seed for their grade zero education. There are 80 children currently enrolled. A new facility is needed to accommodate another 80 children which will include three classrooms and toilet facilities.

The cost of building and furnishing the school extension is US$80,000. Current operating costs are $21,600 per annum. With the expansion, the costs will double to $43,200 a year. We are seeking to fund the construction of the school extension provide for operating costs for five years so as so ensure sustainability.

The total being sought in contributions is therefore as follows:

Construction costs: US$ 80,000
Operating costs (5 years): US$216,000
Contingency: US$ 8,640 (4%)

Total Cost: US$304,640.

Equivalent in Euro at current exchange rates: €273,649 (round to €300K)

Mustard Seed Communities Zimbabwe
MSC was established in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in July 2002 to assist with the care of children affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

What began as a single nutrition program has evolved into three children’s homes, four daily nutrition programs feeding over 600 children a day, three pre-schools, Potter’s House – a training center, substantial farming programs, and a chapel which serves the local community. The three children’s homes include Generosity and Freedom, for children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, and Joel’s Place, for children with disabilities. There are just over 50 children living in these three homes at present.

Initially, MSC Zimbabwe was known as “The Narrow Gate Youth,” a group of youth specifically formed to coordinate a feeding program for the children in Sauerstown, an area of Bulawayo. The youth were encouraged to take a leading role in the development and execution of this program as well as becoming involved in various outreach activities in Bulawayo. Gradually the numbers of both the youth and the children increased and this formed the foundation of MSC Zimbabwe.

The population of young people who became involved in “The Narrow Gate Youth” activities are an inspiration to MSC. They are being trained and empowered as key facilitators of the MSC mission in Zimbabwe. Many of these individuals are now in leadership and administrative roles within MSC Zimbabwe. Several of the original youth have taken annual promises to serve as Mustard Seed Communities Missionaries. At present, seven brothers live and work at the main location in Woodville. MSC Zimbabwe has established itself slowly and quietly, complimenting the work of NGOs, churches and small communities, and presently operates from its headquarters in Woodville, on the outskirts of Bulawayo.

Residential Care
MSC Zimbabwe has established three homes to provide a caring environment for children who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. These include young children and teens. The three homes, Generosity, Freedom, and Joel’s Place are all located at Woodville. Freedom cares for young children affected by HIV/AIDS, Generosity is home to elementary and high school aged children affected by HIV/AIDS, and Joel’s Place is home to children with disabilities. At each of these homes, a House Mother and caregivers provide care for the children. MSC Zimbabwe makes every effort to provide all the necessities for our children so that they are raised in a balanced, Christian environment. There are currently 57 children living in these three homes.
There are four Nutrition Programs at MSC Zimbabwe operating in four different locations throughout Bulawayo – Pumula, Cabatsha, Sauerstown, and Woodville. A total of approximately 600 children receive a meal each day. In addition, the children participate in various activities which include singing, games, informal tutoring, and spiritual activities.
Every child has the right to education, therefore the Little Angel’s Learning Centers offer free basic pre- school education to prepare children ages 3-5 years old for a formal first grade education. There are three Little Angel’s Learning Centers, one located in Woodville, and two others located in Cabatsha and Sauerstown. Our three centers follow the official syllabus provided by the Ministry of Education. Current enrollment is approximately 150 children. The children are provided with breakfast and lunch each day.
Training and Outreach Programs
In an effort to support the youth as well as some disadvantaged individuals and assist them in becoming self-sufficient, we established The Potter’s House – a training center. This includes programs in candle making, baking, and other basic skills training and employment where possible. Potter’s House offers additional enrichment programs in music, arts, and drama programs. As MSC Zimbabwe prepares the youth to be tomorrow’s leaders, they are encouraged to be involved in every area of the organization’s activities including administration and caregiving.
Agriculture Projects
MSC Zimbabwe is part of the organization’s international effort to feed ourselves in every country. There are several agriculture projects underway at Woodville. These include a large-scale farming effort together with the raising of chickens for broiling and laying.