In 1999, Mustard Seed Communities expanded to Nicaragua to meet the needs of children with mental and physical disabilities, many of whom were abandoned. In cooperation with local organizations, land was identified in a small neighbourhood just outside of Managua, and construction of a residential home began. MSC Nicaragua has since expanded to include a second home for children with disabilities in the town of Diriamba. MSC Nicaragua assists families living in impoverished areas of Managua through food distribution programs, and also empowers women in the communities by way of its Resource Centre where they are able to learn vocational skills in order to provide for themselves and their families.

Children & Adults with Disabilities

Where_Nic_DisHogar Belen Managua is located in San Antonio Sur and began operations in the year 2000. As the first location of MSC Nicaragua, Hogar Belen Managua provides residential accommodation and care for 30 children ranging in age from six months to sixteen years. The children have disabilities which include Down syndrome, microcephaly, cerebral palsy, hydrocephaly, autism and infantile cerebral paralysis. MSC Nicaragua has an occupational therapist on staff and the children receive a number of services such as horse therapy, hydrotherapy, interaction therapy and typical school classes depending on their needs and abilities.

In 2006, Mustard Seed Communities Nicaragua purchased a plot of land in the town of Diriamba to open a second home for children with disabilities. Located an hour outside of Managua, Hogar Belen Diriamba provides two types of accommodations for our residents. Those who are able to live semi independently have a cottage-style setting while the residents who need more care and attention live in a dorm-style setting. This provides an important degree of flexibility and allows us to cater to the unique needs of the residents we serve. Mustard Seed Communities also completed the construction of a Specialized Recreation Centre in Diriamba. This type of building is crucial to the development of our children. Play therapy is used to help children with disabilities to develop a sense of strength and competency. It involves intensive play, coordination and motor skill activities and adaptations. Additionally, a chapel with a capacity of 150 people is on site to serve as a place of spiritual growth for our children and the surrounding community of Diriamba.