In caring for the most vulnerable, providing access to food and basic nutrition is at the forefront of our work. In developing countries, one out of six children is underweight and undernourished, contributing to 2.6 million deaths of children under five each year. To thrive, children must have adequate nutrition, which is why MSC makes this a priority in all the communities we serve.

Pumula Nutrition ProgramNutrition and Feeding programs are a key part of our work in every Mustard Seed Communities location

Proper nutrition is of paramount importance in caring for children with disabilities. With the right diet and medical care, residents can make dramatic strides in their health and quality of life. MSC routinely enlists the advice of nutritionists to ensure that all residents are provided with meals that will best suit their individual needs. With MSC’s focus on sustainable agriculture, we are able to grow much of this wholesome food ourselves.

In Jamaica and Zimbabwe, nutrition is a key component of the Little Angels preschools where children are educated and given two meals daily. In Zimbabwe, there are four nutrition programs throughout the city of Bulawayo that provides a daily meal to over 500 children. To combat a severe lack of access to nutrition, MSC distributes food packages regularly in both locations. Additionally, CIGM in Dominican Republic and Nicaragua also provides food packages to the local communities who reside at the garbage dumps.