Over the last fifteen’ years mission volunteers from all walks of life have come to Mustard Seed Communities making an impact on the children we serve in Jamaica, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. Groups from colleges, universities, schools, and parishes make up the 1000 volunteers who return year after year.

Below you will find just a few of the life-changing moments that take place on mission trips at MSC.

4_Chelsea_Breeden“In a class I’m taking at University, we’ve been talking a lot about our identities and what attributes or “jobs” in life define us. I love that here in Jamaica I’m none of those things. None of that matters to the kids, nor our teammates here. It’s the most freeing act to let go of the expectations of me. It’s humbling and empowering. – Julie

The beauty of these moments is that they will last much, much longer than the moment in time they took to actually occur. They leave an impression, a footprint, a memory of God. New friendships are created; old ones are strengthened; earth is moved; hearts are renewed; children are held; souls are refreshed. – Andrew

That day changed me forever.  I’ll never forget listening to Gregory and wanting to offer my life to use for this greater good. – Brynn

As a member of The Marietta Men’s group’s mission trip, my experience during that week was filled with a multitude of blessings.  My comfort and safety as well as my spiritual wellbeing were truly and comfortably in the good hands of our team of Leroy, Marlon and Owen.  Their smiles, efforts, loving words and works are a testament to Mustard Seed’s mission. .”  – Daryl

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